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Design a Life that Works draws from proven business planning principles. Written for achievement driven professionals who face a significant career or life change, it systematically guides the reader in creating a one-page life plan.

You will answer these fundamental questions:
What will you be or achieve in the future?
Where are you now?
What’s your strategy for closing the gap?

Design a Life that Works has a unique format that fits its function. This hard cover book with wire-bound pages makes it easy to use.

Balancing Life and Career is Hard. Designing Your Life Shouldn’t Be.


“Michael's advice on planning builds a solid foundation that keeps building upon itself and is not a "quick fix" or "one time solution". Just look at the spiral binding - it allows the reader to read a page, walk away, think about it, do other things, and write things down when the revelation light turns on. I took this book with me on a fall river trip in the mountains and read parts several times a day to let it soak in. I still think about and act on what I learned about myself, my family, my career, and how the three mix together. And the plan is always within arm's reach to remind me that it's how I shape the circumstances in my life, and not how circumstances shape me.”

- Michael Swinson

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